This page lists some of what I've spent my time on.


  • Assembly Four – co-founder. A collective of sex workers and technologists aiming to empower sex workers through technology.
  • Hive Technology Labs – co-founder. Technology engineering consultancy.
  • Shortcat – A Mac app that adds a command palette to your apps that allows you to search UI elements to click, and more.
  • Geotag Alpha – An iOS app that implements reliable background geotagging for Sony cameras.


  • – A speakable URL shortener. Temporary, easy to spell verbally short URLs.

Selected past projects / work

  • LIFX – I was the lead of an efficient team that designed and built LIFX's cloud architecture, including handling hundreds of thousands of concurrent connections, HTTP API, and supporting integrations. I designed resilient infrastructure using Mesos/Marathon as Kubernetes wasn't mature enough at the time. I did some debugging on WiFi and firmware work as well.
  • FuzzyAutocomplete – an Xcode plugin that added fuzzy autocomplete to Xcode 5. Sherlocked into Xcode 7+
  • iTerm2 – I designed and built the first prototype of "Semantic History" feature, which allows Cmd+Clicking on paths in the buffer to open files. The goal was to easily navigate to backtraces. Video.
  • Up – I worked on Australia's best neobank.
  • SiriProxy – I designed the plugin architecture for extending Siri via a MITM proxy.
  • Airchat – Ruby-based zero-dependency* (on a Mac) command line chat that abuses the Airdrop interface to enable nearby machines to communicate with each other. A Railscamp hack project.
  • ONScripter – I submitted a set (very rough) of patches that enabled English and word wrapping, which enabled English translation projects of visual novels. Had to learn enough of C++ to figure out word-wrapping which was fun back in 2003.